Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Organizational Psychology Review and open access to articles

In the last post we looked at a study from a brand new journal, Organizational Psychology Review. I've read the opening sally from the editorial team and it gives a good picture of the purpose of the journal. The intent is to open a space for articles that attempt to synthesise specific findings to get a bigger picture. They hope this will allow practice "to move beyond an ill-understood ‘bag of tricks’ to better informed actions". This is firmly in line with what the Occupational Digest is all about, so I'm very happy to be adding this to my list of journals to follow.

It's worth emphasising that the journal will be accessible without charge for the next three years (until December 2013). To gain access you need to register but this is fairly straightforward.

I should also thank the European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology for opening access to their article on Job Demands - this is a really useful way to raise awareness of the good work being published, and I encourage others to do likewise (and tell me!). If you are a publisher and you would like your articles featured on the Occupational Digest, do get in touch as enthusiasm is contagious.

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