Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Two month review: how are you finding the Occupational Digest?

It's coming up to two months since the Occupational Digest was born, which still makes us a young pup in the blogosphere. But it's time enough to have given you a flavour of what it's about, and the perfect time for us to hear what you think about it.

To date we've covered emotional abilities, how arrogant people perform, wellbeing breaks at work, weight and pay, and much more - check the archives in the right-hand sidebar for more. How have you found our coverage, in terms of detail, breadth, style, or any other consideration?

Are there new findings in the psychology of work that you'd like to see covered in the Digest?

If you're a subscriber to the email digest, how have you enjoyed that service?

Later in the year we will start to roll out features to complement our focus on reporting evidence based insights in the psychology of the workplace. What would you be keen to see arriving on the blog?

As always, please feel free to post comments in this post or email me directly at alex dot fradera at gmail dot com. We'd love to get your views.


  1. hi
    well,i'd like to know about how people of different beliefs could get along each other even if they are so different couldn't they find a reason to be united? To be honest and open to the truth and the difference as human beings and emotional ccreatures?¿

  2. Alex,

    Great job on the occupational digest so far. With an engaging language, and coverage of topics with broad relevance, I am sure the blog is headed into a bright future.

    My main comment would simply be to keep surprising us with topics that many may not know are researched in occupational psychology, but that are still highly relevant to lots of people. For example, I am quite intrigued by studies on email use and its effect on different individual and organisational factors.

    Given the current economic climate and instability, another broader idea to explore with time might be how the occupational digest can play a role in informing employees about how they can take more control in their working lives, and how organisations can manage to keep their workforce productive and well-looked after, even in such conditions.

    Looking forward to reading more.


    PS: Name/URL comment option - perfect!

  3. Can we have email subscription on a weekly rather than monthly basis?

  4. Fourhotclovers: big questions, and certainly of wide interest to many. As and when these questions connect to the world of work, rest assured we'll address them. Diversity in the workforce springs to mind, and we haven't directly addressed that yet.

    Rebecca: Thank you! And good subjects to consider. I'm extremely interested in autonomy, agency, and improvised action, so it's good to know that such topics may be of interest to others.

    On the email area, this kind of human factors/attentional work is fascinating. I suspect I may need to broaden my journal tracking to start to encompass it!

    Kate: we decided to launch the digest on a monthly basis to avoid clogging people's inboxes with emails that are short on content. We have a benchmark in the Research Digest email, which is a similar length to the Occ Digest one and has proven to be quite popular as it's easier to share and manage. (The Research Digest one goes out fortnightly because around twice as much content is produced on that site.) However it's useful data to know people's preferences on this, so thanks for sharing, and feel free to let us know more.

  5. I enjoy reading the findings contained in the digest. This type of study is indeed the wave of the future. I appreciate the digest's help in keeping us on the crest of the wave.

  6. Engaging, funny, informative and thought-provoking. A real asset to busy practitioners who want to keep the link between academic research and applied psychology fresh and progressive.