Monday, 9 January 2012

Let the Occupational Digest help with your workplace resolutions for 2012

Feet firmly planted in 2012, it's the time to survey the year ahead and set some resolutions. Perhaps you want to increase your personal effectiveness, become more fulfilled, or find some time to breathe. Perhaps you want to  change your organisation, creating a better culture for employees or designing better work processes. If so, why not set your sights with the benefits of the evidence we've covered in 2011?

In the next few posts, we'll cook up the Occupational Digest's first year of reporting on psychology in the workplace, and cream off the key implications. The first post will focus on resolutions that can take the harsher edge off of work, which some of you might be feeling after a relaxing break.

As with any resolutions, these will require willpower and in some cases ingenuity and negotiation to stick to. Luckily our parent blog the Research Digest has some thoughts on sticking to your commitments...

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