Sunday, 23 December 2012

Seventh day of Christmas digested: Go-getting Gyasi

Ah, the entrepreneurs, the doers, the makers. Someone like Gyasi, a go-getter. Maybe even a maverick, as outlined by this recent research. What do you get for the guy who does everything? A bit of digested advice, that's what.

As he builds his start-up, or recruits for his team, Gyasi might be wondering how to gather like minds. Is there a personality profile that really sinks their teeth into work? Here's some research that suggests so, and tells you what.

Many people appear to be making the move to self-employment nowadays, but the able self-employed are periodically offered jobs. What side of the fence would Gyasi be better on? The time he sticks as his own boss is likely to correlate with a few core traits, as explained by this research.

We spoke about stress when planning for Boris, but the picture is more interesting for Gyasi. Type A personalities, who really feed off work, do suffer more when their irritability is put under strain from high work loads. But they are rather more insulated from the dismaying stress that normally accompanies not being recognised for your efforts and under some conditions can even blow off stress better by venting it. To that extent, our advice for Gyasi is to recognise when his stress-reduction strategies may impact those around him in unpleasant ways.

Gift: A holiday. He probably deserves it. The trick is to get him to focus on the trip and not take the desk with him mentally. Highly absorbing activities are going to be a better respite than two weeks on the beach with the smartphone flashing under the deckchair.

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