Hi, I'm Alex Fradera, the Editor of the Occupational Digest blog. I select content and write it up, for both the blog and the monthly Digest email, promoting it via Twitter, and look after the nuts and bolts of the site, including advertising. But I'm only part of the Digest conversation: I'd love you to part of it too.

You can use the comments function to respond directly and publicly to posts (click directly where it says "2 comments" at the bottom of the post), sharing your views in open dialogue. I'll regularly make calls out for feedback, and feel free to use those posts to give your thoughts both broad and specific.

When you wish to contact me directly, reach me on alex [at] alexfradera [dot] net

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the blog: what's working for you, where it could be better, and anything we're missing. Do feel free to share new findings that you believe could appeal to the blog's audience, not only academic research but case studies, surveys - any good evidence that could benefit the readership. It's the social features of the web that make online presences so valuable, and I hope you'll always feel welcome to share your thoughts.