Research Digest

This blog was spawned from the success of  the award-winning Research Digest blog which can be found at The Research Digest provides engaging, authoritative reports on the latest psychology research papers.

The editor trawls hundreds of peer-reviewed journals looking for the latest findings from across the breadth of psychological science. The aim is to report on those studies that make an important contribution, that are relevant to real life, timely, novel or thought-provoking. There are also 'Extras' posts with links to eye-catching studies that didn't make the final cut, and the 'Special Issue Spotter' with links to the latest journal special issues in psychology. Over the years there have also been a number of special guest features - look out for more in the future.

The Research Digest blog was created in 2005 by the editor Dr Christian Jarrett and in 2010 was voted best psychology blog in the inaugural Research Blogging awards.

The BPS Research Digest service actually began life as a fortnightly email in 2003. The email, now with over 25,000 subscribers, contains information on how the Digest reports relate to aspects of the A-level syllabus, and it also provides a link to a printable pdf version.

The Digest has a Facebook fan-page and the editor posts psychology-related links on Twitter.

Please do spread the word about the Research Digest. We have a poster to help (see pic above).

The concept of a Research Digest email service was first proposed by Dr Jon Sutton, editor of The Psychologist magazine - the British Psychological Society's flagship publication. A selection of Research Digest items appear in The Psychologist each month.